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Fast Track

Fast Track

Fast Track is a HotWheels based experiment using alternative tactics to promote attractive learning.  By incorporating Arduino and Processing technologies children can relate to physics in an easier fashion.  The process involved in completing the lesson include indirect teaching of the scientific method.

About Us

We are group of students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute concerned with learning through alternative means. Our projects stem from ethnocomputing, or the combination of software and cultural relevance to improve learning efficiency. By incorporating relevant material, children are more likely to engage in learning since they can visualize the outcomes of their work.

Contact Us

Questions and comments regarding Fast Track can be directed to:

Sam Pozorski:       spozors@gmail.com

Jarrett Kunze:         kunzej@rpi.edu

Jeff Finkle:               finkej@rpi.edu

Anthony Tedesco:   tedesa@rpi.edu