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Future Prospects

In hope of achieving high level of accessibility and subsequent benefit to others, open source has been chosen as the dissemination method for its low cost, customizability, quality, and universal access.  Among the various types of open source license, “Attribution” incorporates the most accommodation by allowing distribution, remixing, tweaking, building upon existing work, and even commercialization.  Due to its suitability for maximum dissemination, “Attribution” will be the type of license we use for this project.


Redesign of Frame

To give the frame more stability and adjustability, the next version of the frame design should have a mechanism similar to that of a beach chair for adjusting the angle. Sandbags or other available weights will then be placed on the support between the legs to prevent the solar concentrator from being moved or tipped over by wind.


solar1 solar3 

link to download CAD files here