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Rap Star turned out to be a huge success with the kids.  One boy asked, “How do I get this app on my iPad?  Can I get it from the app store?  I want to play it at home and show my friends.”  He was very upset to hear that it was not on the app store yet.  Overall, the students seemed to enjoy playing the game and competing with each other to see who could beat the various levels the fastest.  In the earlier prototypes of the app, the students who were academically ahead of the class grew bored quickly because they would beat the game within minutes and run out of new content to challenge them.  However, in the final iteration that we brought to the school, the highest level was so difficult that only one or two students managed to beat it.  As such, all of the complaints that the game was too easy disappeared.

On each visit to the school, the kids would give us feedback and ask for special features or content.  While some of this feedback was incorporated into our app by the final visit (such as added levels), there are still several features that our team would like to add should we move forward with the project.  These features include can be found in “Future Iterations.”  By adding features and improving the user interface, this app could be found on the Apple app store one day.