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Target User Group


Primarily we would have two separate user bases: People of Troy/Troy Visitors or college students.

People of Troy

  • UGRR mentioned that neighbors, even within close proximity of each other, do not necessary interact and get involved in events together, possibly due to a disconnect to the topic of the event
  • Citizens of Troy necessarily do not get to tell their stories or get a chance to display their lifestyle
  • The various demographics of Troy do not interact as much

College Students

  • Particularly Freshmen, but all RPI students and students from other colleges in Troy
  • Provides an opportunity for students to become more familiar and friendly with the area surrounding them, outside the campus
  • College students generally just stay on campus or go to Troy for dining but they are overall disconnected with Troy and its history


  • None specifically, but could be used by UGRR, Sanctuary, to promote events and share stories/history