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The Game

Rapstar is fairly self explanatory and simple to learn. Students have a bank of words which they must drag and drop into the correct part-of-speech (P.O.S.) box. Students lose and gain points based on how well they are able to identify the words. If the health bar drops below zero the game will end and the level must be restarted. If the students achieve a certain number of correct placements (60% or higher) they will be eligible to move forward to the next levels which include new P.O.S. categories and different songs. The game has sound effects which include playing the song that corresponds to each level as well as a “incorrect buzz” when a word is wrongly placed.


Different Levels (Left to right, easy to hard)

Design Team–all are members of RPI’s Product, Design, and Innovation (PDI) program:

Caroline Pitner: PDI/Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2014

Lucas Lappe: PDI/Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2013

Marie Ferro: PDI/Graphic Design, Class of 2013