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Target User Group


Troy’s Public School 2 is an elementary school with approximately 330 students. It has a racial minority enrollment of 72%, the majority being black. The teachers who collaborated with the team were 5th grade teachers who taught a class of approximately fifteen students each. The school student population is known to struggle with math and english and language arts (ELA) in the common core teaching standards. The team aims to help alleviate this with the educational device through interdisciplinary means.

With future implementation, our target user group would be public elementary schools in lower class areas with a large student minority population. A product’s abilities must match the needs of the target user group. Therefore, when starting the design process of the product, we had to make sure that the product was affordable for the school to provide for the students. Additionally, the device must also be hands-on and interactive in order to engage students of this age group. 

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