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The first step in our project was to create an event. At this event, pairs of listeners and story-tellers would have the chance to meet up and have a conversation about the story told. The actual event is a very important part of our project since it is where the conversation actually happens. Being involved and interacting with someone you may never have met is another factor of our project that we focused on. This will hopefully bring the community closer together.



Our group planned to have the event at Troy’s Farmers Market, which is hosted Saturday mornings every week. To start off, our event would be held biannually or perhaps once per season. Our group wanted to host it at the Farmers Market so people who weren’t aware of this event would be exposed to it and could possibly sign up to tell or listen to a story. Another benefit of hosting it at the Farmers Market other than exposure is it is a place where the citizens of Troy frequent already; perhaps if people were already planning on going to the Farmers Market they would be more inclined to participate in our event.