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Our first round of user testing took place at the Oakwood Community Dinner in Troy. We decided to bring our ‘Finish the Thought’ tests here because these dinners draw about a hundred people from all over Troy. Most of thoughts that were filled in were generally positive. We believe this was because everyone seemed to be in a delightful mood because they were at a community dinner that is made to be affordable to them with family, friends, and neighbors.fullsizerender-60

If I had a superpower I would:

“Send Every Kid to a fun, safe place that is away”

“Run the Speed of Light”

“Make Bernie President”

“Give myself a Horse”

“Feed everyone Sushi (Or Other Awesome Food!)”

fullsizerender-61 I wish I could change

   “Public Schools to be more creative-K.N.”



fullsizerender-62Please leave a beautiful thought:

“Love overcomes! Peace”

“Four year old kids”

“We are in this together”


Overall Interpretation for user testing at Oakwood Community:

Community Members who did fill out these tests remained very open ended with their responses even though we prompted them in a certain direction. This was positive feedback for our group to remain in this direction because we wanted people to be able to express themselves, despite being prompted. We also learned that placement of these tests were important- ‘I wish I could change’ only got one response and it was placed more towards the back of the room.