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Next Steps

Physics Plank 3.0?

The next steps towards the Physics Plank finished product are to incorporate Energy & Amplitude, and Wavelength functionality. In doing so, we hope to convey the concept of direct relationships (energy and amplitude) as well sa indirect relationships (wavelength and frequency).


The amplitude display will consist of bars at various heights. As the student increases the height on the vertical ribbon sensor, the LED screen will respond accordingly.

amplitude depiction

Amplitude depiction


As the amplitude increases, so does the energy. To convey this, the LED screen will depict a radiating circle that gets larger as students increase the amplitude on the same vertical ribbon sensor.


Energy depiction



The wavelength display will be responsive to the horizontal ribbon sensor. As the user moves their finger farther from the center of the ribbon strip, the wavelength of the wave will increase according to the magnitude of the displacement.

Wavelength depiction

Wavelength depiction