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Team Contributions

“Make ‘Em Fresh” was created by four juniors at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Product Design and Innovation department. Our Studio 5 project was to create an educational game for 5th or 6th grade students at a local Community Charter school in Downtown Troy. We decided to use all of our skills, along with learning some new ones, to create a computer game that would interest the kids while still being educational. It took several months, but in the end the students really enjoyed our game.

Contributions are as follows:

Eleanor F. Cohen (Design, Innovation and Society/Mechanical Engineering 2013)

  • Action Script 3 Animation Coding
  • Gameplay Architecture

Patrick J. Condon (Design, Innovation and Society/Communications 2013)

  • Layout & Graphic Design
  • Button Design

Cary A. Kaczowka (Design, Innovation and Society/Mechanical Engineering 2013)

Paula M. Lobaccaro (Design, Innovation and Society/Mechanical Engineering 2013