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Final Visit


On this visit we brought with us a refined version of the app. We improved the scoring system so that it would require the students to correctly place at least 60% of the words in order to advance to the next level. It will also now recognize the children if they obtain a perfect score as they had suggested in previous visits. We fixed a number of small bugs and also added 2 new levels. With each new level came new parts of speech, the final level included 6- noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, and pronoun. Additionally, we incorporated a hint feature in which a definition pops up when the students click on each part of speech. The 2 new songs we added were- Heartless by Kanye West and Mirror by Lil’ Wayne.


The students were very happy to finally have more songs to work through. However, levels 2 and 3 proved quite hard for the kids to pass. In speaking with one teacher we learned that they are supposed to know how to classify these words in 1st grade, so it seems that this is less of a problem with our game being too difficult and more of an issue of the kids needing to review their grammar. Unfortunately they did become discouraged as they kept failing the level so perhaps more easier songs and some tutorials would be a future addition to make. If nothing else, we certainly learned that this is an area of short coming in their upper elementary school education!