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How can a solar reflector be used in Ghana?

Solar reflectors have the capacity to be of great use in Ghana. Heated water, ink, biochar, and other materials are useful in activities ranging from cooking to textile making. For large cities (predominantly in the third world), power is not an incredibly abundant and reliable resource. Using solar energy for heat and power could be very instrumental as an alternative solution.

How much of a need is there for a more sustainable heating method?

The primary reason for using solar methods for heating is because the current method of wood extraction is not the most sustainable option. This is partly due to the fact that the process for burning is one that requires a good amount of externalities. These outside, physical costs demand users to go as far as local forests allow, cut down the timber, and transport it back. The next part of the process is for the burning of wood for energy to heat up the water or ink. Using solar energy also allows the process to be used all year, no matter the season as it depends on sunlight for an energy source. Ecologically, relying on sunlight is optimal, as it as a renewable resource, reducing degradation of the commons and CO2 emissions from combustion.