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Interview Notes

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mae-Ling Lokko, a Ph.D student in Architecture here at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for further understanding of Ghanaian culture, society, as well as insight on her own studies and other related practices in solar power. We sought her expertise for her experience in design and architecture, and as well as her insights on her Ghanaian culture. From our interviewing, we were able to come to a conclusion on five general subjects including Lokko’s own projects, the cultural significance of Adinkra symbols, the socio-economic factors of Adinkra, energy in Ghana, and additional applications of the solar concentrator. Her musings proved to be very valuable to our understanding of Ghanaian culture as well further understandings on solar power.


Ink Making Process

We were fortunate enough to have a first person account of the Adinkra Ink making process. RPI Students went to Ghana in the summer of 2014 and interviewed an ink maker there. We also did supplementary research to make sure we have a real grasp on what problem we need to approach. We have several videos and a step by step process guide of the currently used practices.