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Squid Learn

Squid Learn is a learning tool that allows teachers to use their own lesson plan while keeping their student’s attention. Squid Learn lets the teacher input a multiple choice answer into it’s body. The students then use clothes pins to chomp down on the squids legs with the answer they think is correct. If the answer is right, the squid will light up. There can be numerous rounds of questions, but we have decided to use ten rounds. The students can track their records through the rounds and then view the winner at the end. With Squid Learn, we would also like to encourage team work and discussions by allowing them to confer with one another before submitting their answers. Here you can dive deeper and learn more about Squid Learn:

How did we develop the test lessons?

How did we build this sea creature?

What research and tests were made to decide on squid learn?

How did the students react to this tool?


This nautical creature was created at RPI by:

Fabian Hough (Design, Innovation and Society/Mechanical Engineering 2014)

Samantha Riccio (Design, Innovation and Society/Communications 2014)

Paige Townsend (Design, Innovation and Society/Mechanical Engineering 2014)