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When trying to figure out how to put the designs on the machines in a way that isn’t cloth or paper, we went to Troy Sign Shop and Troy Cloth and Paper to discuss different design options. We looked into Stickers and Screen Printing.

troy sign shop

Troy Sign Shop (stickers):

  • Stickers can be stuck onto aluminum but aluminum should be painted first. This will give more grip for the stickers to stick to.
  • Stickers are the cheaper option.
  • Making more than one sticker wouldn’t be expensive.
  • Can print stickers here and send them to Ghana. Shipping stickers to Ghana wouldn’t be expensive because the stickers don’t weigh anything. This way Ghanaian workers who want a machine can use the open source plans to build their machines and the stickers could be shipped over.




troy cloth and paper

Troy Cloth and Paper (Screen Printing):

  • Screen Printing onto aluminum is possible
  • Much more expensive method
  • Cost for the screen would be $40.
  • Would have to make a minimum of 24 prints at almost $2 each.



With this information we decided that stickers are the best route to take to apply our design to a machine.

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