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Pre- and Post-Testing

To evaluate the students’ knowledge of fractions before and after the game, we developed a quick test that incorporated fractions.

Half of the students formed a control group while the others were an experimental group.

The experimental group was given a half-page paper with three questions, then asked to play the flash game.  After each student had completed a shoe they were asked to take the second half of the test.

A control group was given the pre-test, and then the post-test prior to playing the game.

Our sample size was only thirty students, and when we analyzed results, there was no evidence to say that students had learned from the five to ten minutes of game play.  Overall students did poorly on the second half of the exam, and we have a few hypotheses for this:

  • Students knew that they would be able to continue playing the game if the quickly completed the fractions.
  • Students were only given a few minutes of game play, possibly not enough to affect them.
  • The fractions in the game were not challenging enough for the students to gain enough practice and knowledge.