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Building the Lesson Plan

To build the lesson plan, we focused on the school that we did case studies on. According to the past 5th grade standardized test scores, these students struggle continually in reading comprehension and mathematics. Using multiple practice tests, we developed two rounds of ten questions that test various concepts from the tests. Below are some example practice questions.


To You

To sit and dream, to sit and read,

To sit and learn about the world

Outside our world of here and now—

Our problem world—

To dream of vast horizons of the soul

Through dreams made whole,

Unfettered, free—help me!

All you who are dreamers too,

Help me to make

Our world anew.

I reach out my dreams to you.

—Langston Hughes


1. In “To You,” the line “Our problem world” most likely  refers to the:

A.    world of today.

B.    world described in books.

C.    world of the imagination.

D.    world of the past.



2.  In “To You,” the speaker is    most likely

asking other dreamers to help him

A.    become free.

B.    change the world.

C.    learn about other places.

D.    better understand his dreams.




3. Jenna mailed 25 cards. Each card had one

$0.41 stamp on it. How much money did

Jenna spend to mail these cards?

A.     $ 7.26

B.     $ 8.25

C.     $10.01

D.     $10.25

E.      $20.00


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