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We have identified English comprehension and language arts as a major source of struggle for grade school children. Although topics such as parts of speech are taught in first and second grade, we chose to aim our app at students in the upper elementary school grades. In talking with teachers, we found this to be one area that students have a difficult time retaining and grasping. Teachers admit that they do not necessarily have time to implement a full-on refresher into their already packed lesson plans, but a simple game that is self explanatory and quick would be a very beneficial alternative.

Rapstar will focus on two main markets

– Children in an elementary school classroom setting. Ideally, these schools will obtain Ipads through technology grants etc. and the app would be disseminated to them for free download on the web.

– Children in the private setting of their own home- through download on the Apple app store


Schools- In terms of schools, we feel that the best way to enter this marketplace is through a partnership with a few select schools to provide iPads with the app already pre-loaded into the device. The iPads would be provided through technology grants or potentially groups (such as RPI fraternities) will agree to donate as a part of their philanthropy. An additional dissemination possibility that we are considering is to create an online, free version of the game.  In order to spread word about Rap Star, we will also look to various educational blogs and publications. Additionally, choosing a number of schools to target with simple informational pamphlets, and methods to gain access to Rapstar would be another inexpensive method to generate interest in our product.

Personal Use- We also propose to create a version of this game that is available through the Apple App store. Ultimately, we will have a free, downloadable model with the option to pay a dollar or two in order to unlock new levels, more songs, different interfaces, new tutorials etc. We will be looking for free or low cost methods to market to parents as well, so internet blogs/websites are a viable option here as well. Additionally, as with many small start-up companies, we will look to Facebook and other similar social networking sites to popularize Rapstar through word of mouth– “conversational advertising”.