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Initial Prototype

For our initial prototype, we have put all sensors and vibrator on a breadboard.

So it does not has to much similarities with a sports protection gear like a ankle brace or knee brace, but it has all function we want it to achieve. Those two vertical metal stick are flex sensors, which could measure how much they bend and convert to a index by coding. They would be attached to two lateral sides of an ankle brace to measure movements of user’s feet. The small black¬†circle on the most right of the picture down below is the vibrator. The purpose of it basically is it vibrates when either one of flex sensors bend to a certain level, which means user is making dangerous movements that may cause injury.

As further improvement, what we need to do is just change the looking to attach this whole circuit on an ankle brace and squeeze it in to a much smaller container for not distracting user’s normal movements.

The picture below is the pinout graph of our prototype: