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Final Testing:

  • Took place at Troy’s Farmers Market
  • We transported the kiosk downtown and left it in front of entrance to Farmers Market
  • Chose the Farmers Market for final testing because of the variety of citizens who attend


Final Testing Results

  • For the ‘Sticky Note Symbol’s’ side, we added an option with prompts, such as ‘draw your favorite season’, on some sticky notes so users could recieve guidance as to what to draw on the sticky note if they preferred that. The sticky notes with prompts seemed to be most used. 

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  • For the ‘Finish the Thought Prompt’, the answers to “If I had a superpower…” varied. There were a few sad responses, but the majority of answers were funny, optimistic and seemed to express that the kiosk was enjoyable for the users.
  • The following photo was of an instagram post we were sent that someone who knew it was our project saw. It was a photo of the kiosk at the Farmers Market and was captioned “Interactive art pop-ups are just fantastic!”.  It seems clear that she liked the activity and enjoyed seeing the kiosk, helping prove the validity of the project.
  • instakiosk
  • The ‘Finish the Thought’ side had the largest number of responses and appeared to leave the biggest impact on users.


Future Design Development

  • More Durable materials
    • Design for either a more permanent home or convenient transportation
  • Bigger roof structure for different weather
  • Explore further options of stickynote shape and background
  • Further Troy branding in background design of sides
  • Different types of string or rope
    • Different thickness,color, and texture- paracord, yarn, rope, soft string
  • Lip for chalk tray
  • Way to place the pens