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Customer Discovery

In order to determine what customers might want into the app’s function, we created three different personas with three different approaches to makeup, inspired by Tari’s, Evelyn, and Emma’s relationships with makeup.

Tari is a Latino female college student who wears makeup every day. However, she does not like to wear foundation often because it clogs her pours. One can often find her shopping online or in a store looking at beauty products.

Evelyn is a half-White, half-Asian female college student who works as a waitress at a local bar. She has been wearing makeup since the ninth grade, but only started wearing foundation in college. She owns a lot of makeup but typically buys the same brands each time.

Emma is an Asian female who  has little to no experience on putting on make up. She only uses foundation to occasionally to cover small blemishes on her face. Lastly, she uses so little makeup that she doesn’t want to spend a lot of money in the case it expires before she is able to use it all.

In order to gain insight into the background of our potential customers and evaluate their interest in an app, our group put together a survey and posted it in 30 college Facebook groups across the country, ranging from University of New Hampshire, to Ole Miss, to California State University. We received over 2,800 responses!

[btn text=”Link to survey” tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#800080 thovercolor=#FFF bhovercolor=#800080 link=”https://goo.gl/forms/n9DxSus1uq5DROc42″ target=”_blank”]


Hypothesis: People of color have difficulty finding a suitable foundation that matches their skin tone.

Testing Procedure:

Conduct survey which asks the participant his or her ethnicity, how he or she found their foundation, if he or she experiences any problems with their current foundation, and if they do what type of problems do they experience.


To find the results, we filtered the survey responses to exclude individuals who identified solely as “White or American” and who had a professional to find his or her best match. We found that a little over 40% of these participates experienced problems with their foundations.


Hypothesis: People who wear makeup are interested in using personal technology to find products based on their color match.

Testing Procedure:

Conduct survey to evaluate public’s interest in such app.


From the survey, over 85% of people responded “Yes” or “Maybe” to the question, “If there was a phone app that helped you find your foundation match, would you be interested in it?” Another important question that needed to be taken into consideration was “If you selected yes or maybe to the previous question, would you trust the app’s suggestions/recommendations for your best foundation match?” Less than 10% of responses were “No.”