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Background Research


Our initial idea for the project comes because of injuries in sports is a commonly occuring thing. Rehabilitation after an injury can be a long and frustrating process which should be done correctly to avoid further injury. When in rehabilitation it can happen that the person starts to develeop bad movements, which increases the risk of re-injury, which is far from ideal. 70% of athletes say they had practiced or played with an injury, compared with 33% of non-athletes. This makes athletes our target group. Especially in professional sports it is important for the players to be able to get back in the came as fast as possible, as they may be a very vital part of the team. However, we also believe this device would be useful for people doing sports for fun and happen to get injured, as injuries happen in every level of sports. When making the device we mainly had basketball in mind.


The concept of proprioception is knowing where your body part is in space. After injury the proprioception can be messed up, and cause injuries, as the injured person has less control over the body. In order to combat this, we have developed the smart brace. This device is going to help the recovery process become smoother by giving data to analyze, and giving live feedback when in use. The main goal of the device is therefore rehabilitation and prevention of re-injury.