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Space Race


The goal of this game is to appeal to students interest and understanding of order of operations by incorporating another field of study that the target users have an interest in, while the tedium procedure of math is replaced with a physical tangible activity.




NASA’s most recent expedition’s spaceship has suffered some damage. Your fellow astronauts are now stuck on the asteroid belt and are in need of your assistance. To travel through space, you must roll the dice to step on the dots placed on each orbit. Once in place, grab a card according to the planet on that orbit. In order to move again, you must read the information on the card. If the card has a number, use the blocks to design an equation for that number. The equation must consist of three numbers and two signs and must correctly follow the order of operations. Once the team has arrived to the number on the card using order of operations correctly and following the game constraints, they have to rearrange the blocks and roll the dice again. As soon as the team arrives to the asteroid belt, each member of the team must shake the shake weight up to 50 to power the other spaceship’s engine and go home safely. The first team to do this wins.


Open Source Files:

All the files are printer friendly. Files Include:

  • Game Board
  • Cards
  • Number cubes

Zip: Space Race Files

Assembly Instructions: Assembly Instructions


Game Map Preview


Jupiter Front Preview


Jupiter Back Preview

Template for Number Cubes: cube