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CSnap (https://community.csdt.rpi.edu/) is a very powerful tool that can be used to execute code blocks in different sequences to act similar to an introduction to computer programming. It allows students to explore and use their creativity to make amazing things. We decided to use this tool to visualize the data that was logged on the temperature and humidity sensor. Professor Eglash provided us with a code block that could act as a codelet in CSnap and graph a series of data points. We are working on writing code which will be able to recreate that code block with new data points from a text file. Once the new code block is created, it can be exported as an xml file and imported in CSnap, which would allow students to easily visualize how temperature and humidity change with time.

Below is an example code block with data points, as provided to us by Professor Eglash. The following is a link to the actual CSnap execution of this code block. Here you can see the data being graphed. https://community.csdt.rpi.edu/projects/216/

Code block