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This project ended up being a good wrap-up for our journey through PDI V. It was very technical and inspired by a very clear need. Unfortunately, these two things indirectly exclude each other. Technical stuff takes more time and time spent making something work is time taken away from engaging with the user and working collaboratively to make sure you are on the same page.

Because of the technical nature of our undertaking, we had to make some priorities for ourselves early on. We essentially decided we would like to avoid failing this class by aggressively pursuing a working prototype. This focus on functionality while it led us to something that works, also took a lot of focus away from our user and what they wanted. Instead of asking how can we make this thing better for our user, we would ask, how can we make this thing more simple to implement. This choice of priority led to a less than happy user, but it functions.

This project deserves a lot more time and engagement, unfortunately within this time-frame we were unable to provide it with enough for it to thrive. There are many features we would like to implement, so that the website is more accessible and fits more in line with our original project scoping. Some examples are: permalinks (for easy sharing by organizations and creators), a contact form to fill out in order to contact someone in a project and a user login, which although enables many new directions to go with the website, is a very technical and time-consuming endeavor.