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Our Roadblocks/Challenges

In the development of our project, our team faced several technical and social challenges and roadblocks that hindered our capabilities to complete the project and outperform expectations.

The primary roadblocks were technical, but there were social dynamics at play that also proved to influence the overall success of our initiative.


The technical challenges we faced were due to our limited ability as web developers and the technical constraints of the browser based computing.

Professional web developers use various frameworks and open-source software packages to optimize their code in order to be reactive to various browsers and window sizes, as well as processed fast and create a seamless experience for users.

As we learned over the course of this project, the best sites out there use things like bundlers, transpilers, lambdas and various other additions that help code run faster and be presented in a manner that is legible by a variety of browsers.

As our site grew in complexity and functionality, it also began to run slower and, without additional knowledge on how to develop sites for the web, as well as the fact that we were using google sheets as our backend database, we had to constrain the functions of our product and focus entirely on the ability to upload and view projects.


Another element that influenced the development of our project was the relationship we cultivated with our community partner. Throughout our development of the project, we mismanaged our communication with Branda and did not keep in contact often enough.

In Branda’s eyes, our initiative was just another student project that sounded great, but would not get implemented and would end up being a drain on the SIM’s limited resources.