Feed on

When looking for user feedback, we wanted to make sure that the website and app were well constructed and worked properly, but were also able to adequately convey what our event was and how it worked. Because of this, we decided to do two rounds of feed back; one with individuals that were familiar with our project and one where the individuals were not.

Overall, both groups were able to understand the concept of the project (and often wanted to know if it will actually be created). However, some became confused when it came to signing up for the event. More specifically, the “Find A Story” and “Submit a Story” confused the users because they were unclear what it meant. Ultimately, most people found that they liked the overall aesthetic of both our app and website.

We did end up taking many of the observations and implementing. The major change was the addition of an button titled “How does this work”, which will extend the user down to a section of the page that will walk them through the process.

We would also like to include another round of feedback following the day of the actual event in order to gain feedback from the participants in order to further the event itself.