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Ghanian Survey Results

1.)Adinkra symbols are culturally acceptable & pleasing  (some picture below)

2.)  “Black Star” is a positive association with Ghanaians & is culturally popular




3.)The machine should not be put in common places & cloth looks cumbersome


Fraternity Survery Results

High majority of condom purchases at Drug Stores (Rite Aid, CVS, etc.)

Majority of sexual activity unprotected at least once a year

Majority of indifferent emotions when obtaining condoms

Wide range of convenience to obtain condoms. Ranging from very convenient to inconvenient when obtaining condoms.

Majority agree that they will use condoms more often if they were readily available

Majority are comfortable with a condom vending machine in their house

Majority think that their fraternity would be interested in keeping the machine and assigning someone to take care of it

Any other comments or concerns:

“Great Survey. It would be very very useful for our house.”

“Great idea. Cheaper too”