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Final Trip Notes

Some notes during our final visit: 

One kid tried ½ >1/3 2 times

Another did ¾ > 4/5 2 times

One said something to the extent of “if you do the butterfly thing” referring to cross multiplication. He was doing some of this in his head.

One student knew to convert from improper fractions to mixed numbers before the hint came up in the game.

Didn’t seem to connect the values on the lose screen with the numbers they just ate.

Should not have told them that they could play again if they finished the post test

From Dan: one of the girls read the instructions did well in getting all the correct answers, but used the method of cross multiplying even when the fractions were easy.

The kid in one group who finished they pre and post test first didn’t show any work and struggled with the fractions in the game.

One girl read all the directions in the game, that’s about it.

Many had a hard time with the joystick, changing direction seemed to be a problem.  Abused the joystick and buttons.

One said that it worked like pac man

Several recognized the ship from Halo

“this is addicting”

Didn’t realize the green button ran the setup-game function while playing.  This would generate new fractions but would also reset your score

In the 7 tests I graded, almost none showed their work. To be fair we didn’t make them show their work in the game. Maybe they’re still at the point where they can’t do the computations in their head.

One of the kids showed no work on the pretest, then tried to cross multiply on the post test and did it incorrectly. They multiplied both fractions by 2/2 and then in the next problem by 3/3